Tongyi Air Source Full DC Inverter floor heating air conditioner:-30℃ stable heating

A few days ago, the 2022 North China Clean Heating Summit Northeast Station was grandly held at the Longzhimeng Daduhui Hotel in Shenyang, Liaoning. This Northeast HVAC New Year feast, guided and planned by the Heat Pump Professional Committee of the China Energy Conservation Association, undertaken and implemented by the heat pump market & comfortable home all-media platform, and strategically supported by more than 40+ industry leading companies, pointed out the direction for the development of the Northeast clean heating market.

As the largest and most influential clean heating industry feast in Northeast China, the summit attracted more than 2,500 major businessmen and practitioners in the HVAC industry in Northeast China to participate on-site. As the support unit of this summit, Tongyi Air Source brought full DC variable frequency floor heating and air-conditioning products to the summit site.

Four advantages to support, quiet and comfortable

Guangdong Tongyi Air Source Technology Co., Ltd., established in 1999, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in air thermal energy application technology research and equipment manufacturing. It enjoys the reputation of “air energy creator” in the industry. For more than 20 years, Tongyi has been committed to the research and development and promotion of innovative application technologies of air energy. The full DC inverter floor heating air conditioner unveiled at this summit is one of its innovative products in the field of air energy applications.

According to reports, Tongyi Air Energy’s full DC variable frequency floor heating air conditioner has the following four advantages and is the most comfortable central heating and central air conditioning equipment at present.

  1. Core configuration to create first-class heating and cooling equipment

The industry-leading Panasonic DC variable frequency rotor compressor is used to achieve 180-degree sine wave control, with higher efficiency and lower operating noise. With the world’s leading IPM module, the reliability and safety are first-class.

  1. Ultra-low temperature jet enthalpy increase design, -30 ℃ ultra-low temperature heating

The unit adopts the design of jet enthalpy increase, which reduces the exhaust temperature of the compressor under the extreme conditions of low ambient temperature and high outlet water temperature, and effectively improves the service life of the product. The improvement can effectively ensure that the unit can still operate stably and efficiently in an ultra-low temperature environment of -30 °C.

Six-layer mute technology for ultimate enjoyment
Adopt Panasonic 2YCL dual-rotor compressor, forward-swept wing anti-vibration axial flow fan, 180° sine wave vector variable frequency drive technology, Brushless DC fan motor, new airflow adaptation grille, refrigerant flow noise reduction six-fold mute technology, using Comfortable.

At the same time, it is equipped with 6-level noise reduction main unit, matched with a silent canned pump, and the internal unit uses a silent DC frost-free fan, which is cooled in summer and silently heated in winter, creating a good indoor quiet environment and bringing people a more comfortable life experience.

Environmentally friendly refrigerants, enjoy energy-saving and low-carbon life

The use of R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant has no damage to the ozone layer, which is in line with the current trend of green life and the requirements of the dual-carbon policy. As a national first-class energy-efficiency product, the power saving has reached the international advanced level, with the lowest energy consumption and remarkable energy-saving effect.

At the 2022 North China Clean Heating Summit Northeast Station, Tongyi Air’s full DC inverter floor heating air conditioner attracted many dealers with its beautiful appearance and outstanding performance.

46 ultra-low temperature floor heating air conditioners, room temperature 20℃~24℃

For more than 20 years, Tongyi air source products have passed the long-term application verification in the market, and have been widely used in the field of residential hot water and heating, as well as commercial hot water and heating fields such as hospitals, schools, hotels, offices, tin mines and coal mines. widely used. Next, let’s take a look at the excellent performance of Tongyi air energy unit in the low temperature heating project of Jilin express service station.

Jilin City has a temperate continental monsoon climate and is an ultra-low temperature area covered by ice and snow for half of the year. The annual average temperature here is 3.9°C, and the winter is long and low. The average temperature in January is the lowest, generally at minus 18 ℃ – 20 ℃, and the historical minimum temperature is -30 ℃. In such a low temperature and cold environment, heating is one of the necessary local living measures.

The Jilin Expressway service area originally used coal-fired boilers for heating, which has disadvantages such as large coal energy consumption and air pollution emissions. In 2017, in order to improve the heating effect and implement the policy of clean heating, the expressway service area decided to use air energy heat pump equipment to heat the service area and toll station.

In terms of project design, after understanding the severe cold climate in the service area of ​​Jilin Expressway and conducting on-the-spot investigation, Tongyi technical engineering team, according to the project characteristics of large number of stations, small area, independent thermal station, and high building energy consumption, and Party A’s heating needs, tailor-made heating solutions for the service area, equipped with 46 sets of Tongyi Air Energy ultra-low temperature floor heating air conditioning units, to provide people in the service area with a comfortable and healthy new heating experience. “

Up to now, Tongyi Air Source ultra-low temperature floor heating air-conditioning units have provided heating services for four service areas: Yantongshan service area, Panshi service area, Dongmei service area and Chaoyangshan service area, with a heating area of ​​nearly 20,000 square meters.

The staff of Jilin Expressway Service Area highly appreciates the performance of Tongyi Air’s ultra-low temperature floor heating air-conditioning unit: “Under the low temperature environment of minus ten degrees outside zero and snow and ice, the unit can still operate stably and efficiently, and the temperature inside the station is maintained at 20℃~24℃, very warm and comfortable.”

To help carbon neutrality, Tongyi attended the 2022 North China Clean Heating Summit Northeast Station

The 2022 Northern China Clean Heating Summit will be guided and planned by the China Energy Conservation Association Heat Pump Professional Committee, undertaken and implemented by the “Heat Pump Market” & “Comfortable Home” all-media platform, and strategically supported by many industry leaders! The summit is committed to promoting air energy building heating, agricultural and animal husbandry heating, hot water, cooling and heating combined supply into the trillion-dollar market in the north, and is committed to creating a channel business event with the largest industry influence and the largest number of participants!

At the summit site, Tongyi not only brought high-quality product display to everyone, but also helped the lottery session of the summit. Tongyi water purifiers worth 980 yuan/set are free! Exquisite prizes set off another climax of the summit!

Up to now, Tongyi has saved energy, reduced consumption, improved quality and increased efficiency for many industries, and has been well received by customers. Especially in the application of many national-level projects such as Beijing Bird’s Nest, Beijing Daxing International Airport, China Sky Eye, etc., all have the comfort guarantee provided by Tongyi Air, which reflects the market’s high recognition and trust in the brand of Tongyi Air.

According to relevant statistics, through the innovative application of Tongyi air Source products, it has reduced carbon emissions by more than 2.2 billion kg for the society, and has made great contributions to achieving the goal of carbon neutrality and carbon peaking!

In the future, Tongyi Air Source will not forget its original intention, continue to adhere to the development policy of “Quality creates a brand, service creates the future”, and constantly upgrades technologies and products, so that air heat energy can better benefit the human society, and promote clean heating and carbon neutrality. And contribute more power to the early realization of the goal!


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