The new standard for the heat pump heating –Tongyi heat pump

Both north and south,extreme weather are frequent in winter, haze has become the enemy of society! Therefore, the voice of “clean heating” is getting higher and higher, and the policy of “coal to electricity” in Beijing area is a strong witness to this social trend! What is “clean”? When there are emissions, high energy consumption of coal, fuel and other heat sources and no emissions, low energy consumption of air source heat source encounter, air energy related products better! This situation, let the brand leader in the field of – Tongyi can feel gratified, stick to 18 years has finally paid off!

According to relevant statistics, in the past 10 years, through the extensive use of the Tongyi heat pump, the energy saving effect of the society is equivalent to saving 350 thousand tons of standard coal, 900 million kg of carbon dioxide emissions, sulfur dioxide emissions of 783 thousands of grams, for the community to save energy costs over 4 hundred million, equivalent to planting 70 million trees for the society…… This series of articles, related products to enter the market in the north to provide proof of the strong power for the Tongyi, occupy the market point the day and await for it!

It is understood that since 2008 the Tongyi heat pump lead to enter the heating field, by virtue of advanced technology concepts and excellent research and development team, the benefit of air has developed 16 series of products including household machines, commercial machines, warm air, can fully meet the domestic water, commercial water, constant temperature dehumidification, heating, water pool heat recovery of a variety of different needs. Today, the northern coal to electricity in full swing, commercial air energy heat pump is facing a big explosion. But after 18 years of market layout, Tongyi’s project has been established in the country and overseas, the standard of product quality, customer service service brand has become a new standard in many areas of the north of the heating heat pump.

As the end user, perhaps you do not know what is “air”; as HVAC, perhaps you are in the industry transition, looking for new competitive products is just concern; Tongyi heat pump will tell you by the history of 18 years, there are a number of such as those who adhere to Tongyi for the same. Energy saving and environmental protection, clean heating, beautiful scenery is quietly doing their own contribution! The future, Tongyi heat pump will as always adhere to the quality and service, together making a contribution to the society of energy saving and emission reduction!


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