Heat Pump for fish farming

Heat Pump for fish farming

Tongyi commercial heat pump for fish farming adopted the latest enhanced vapors injection technology, which controls water temperature precisely. The professional Copeland EVI compressor offers 20% higher heating capacity under low temperatures.


Capacity Range:


Key Features

High COP

Compared with traditional drying, TOGNYI heat pump dryers are 400%~600% high efficiency better with heat pump and heat recovery technology.

Copeland EVI scroll compressor

World-famous scroll compressor with low energy consumption and high energy efficiency output, which effectively shortens the heating water time and double extends the useful life of the unit.

Tongyi heat pump can increase over 20% heating capacity even though works under severe weather.

Copeland EVI scroll compressor

EEV, precise flow control

Wide working temperature range, faster and more accurate refrigerant flow control than capillary and mechanical expansion valve. Best choice to achieve higher efficiency and energy-saving.

EEV, precise flow control

Heat exchanger

Embedded heat recovery heat exchanger increasing efficiency.

heat exchanger


The system runs safely, steadily, and reliably thanks to our full protection: high-temperature protection, compressor overload & overheat protection, power phase sequence & over/under voltage protection, etc.


Flexible Installation

The Cuboid shape module design of the unit makes the project installation save more space.

Flexible installation

Remote control

BMS contact point / Modbus support(with RS485) to Amazon cloud, realize remote control function optional


With IoT technology, we can check the heat pump status remotely. When there is fault occurs, it is easy for us to check the product information and give immediate support to our customers.

With OTA(update over air) technology, If there is any error that happens on the software, we can do the remote service by updating the software online. And when the software has a new version with the function upgraded, as long as we got your permission, we can update the software remotely.


High-performance FM

It use outer rotor axial flow silent fan with five-leaf balanced aluminum alloy wind wheel. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, large air volume and low noise.

Patent louvered casing

Tongyi’s patent louvered casing can be better for waterproof, windproof, and dust-proof. Patent no.:CN201030670236.9.

Quality Control

Quality is taken into account since product design through the whole product life-cycle. With professional design procedure, simulation, and over 30 type tests, from incoming parts inspection to out-going heat pump inspection during production.

Quality Control


With the Research center, product design department, and product engineering team, we have technical talents with over 20+ years in heat pumps, the development is managed by PLM(Production Lifecycle Management system) with the design procedure.


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