How does air energy become the optimal solution for European energy?

The governments of European countries have made unprecedented efforts to promote the application of energy-saving heating equipment, which directly makes the sales of Chinese heating equipment represented by air source heat pumps hot in the European market.

It is understood that China is currently the main supplier of air to water heat pumps in Europe, accounting for 60% of the market. In the face of the heat supply gap of the energy crisis and huge energy bills, European people are turning their attention to air energy. Data monitoring shows that air energy In the first half of the year, China’s export of air source heat pumps to Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, and Spain increased by 614%, 373%, 198%, and 71%, respectively. The European energy crisis and cold weather have brought business opportunities to China’s heating industry, but why can air energy quickly seize the market?

Energy-efficient air soucre heat pump

The air source heat pump is a renewable energy utilization device and the most effective way of electric heating. It has significant energy saving and carbon reduction characteristics. It can provide heating, cooling and hot water for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural industries. The heating cost in winter is only one-third of the traditional natural gas method, and the air source heat pump can also cool in summer, which has become the choice of more and more European residents. In addition, the looming energy crisis in Europe originated from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but it reflects long-term structural problems behind it. As heating is a major part of energy use, the use of air to water heat pumps can also effectively alleviate Europe’s demand for natural gas. reliance, driving the energy transition in Europe.

local policy subsidies

At present, many European countries have launched subsidy policies for air source heat pumps. In Italy, the purchase of air source heat pumps can be taxed for 5 years, and a total of 110% of the purchase price of the heating system can be refunded from the government. In France, the value-added tax for such projects is reduced by 4.5%, and the use of air energy as a home heating system provides an additional 1,000 euros. The United Kingdom provides a subsidy of 4,000 pounds for air energy heat pump equipment with a power of no more than 45KW. According to calculations by relevant agencies, based on the European gas costs in 2021, the payback period for subsidized air energy equipment will be 6-7 years, while based on the current skyrocketing energy prices in Europe, the payback period for equipment will be shortened to 2-3 years. The subsidy policy directly promotes the sharp rise in the demand for air energy heat pumps among European people, and the export of air energy equipment in my country has grown rapidly.

Air energy is more popular in the European market

In European countries, saving energy and improving energy efficiency has always been a focus in the heating sector. Compared with fossil fuel heating schemes, the thermal efficiency of heat pumps can reach up to 400% under the application of frequency conversion technology and gas injection technology. Moreover, the temperature in winter in Europe is relatively low, and the air source heat pump can still operate normally in a low temperature environment, which ensures the heating experience of European people in winter. With many advantages, air source heat pumps are included in the “REPowerEU” energy plan and become the mainstream heating method under “air shortage”. my country’s air energy products have opened up the European market before this. According to reports, Tongyi Air Energy, which has the reputation of “air energy creator” in my country, has nearly 20 years of experience in overseas markets and has many High-quality cases, deeply cultivated in the European market for many years, create more suitable products and solutions according to different needs, and meet the diversified needs of customers to a greater extent, and are well received by users and the market.

In addition to the imminent heating needs of Europeans this winter, the “carbon reduction” plan reached globally is also a boost to the long-term improvement of air source heat pumps. On the whole, the export of air source heat pumps is improving day by day. For Chinese heat pump companies, it will be is a huge opportunity. As a leading brand in the air energy industry, Tongyi Air Energy will also continue to increase product research and development and application, develop overseas markets with better heat pump products, and further lead the heat pump industry to go abroad, so that air heat can better benefit human society.


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