Helping healthy breathing, fresh air industry usher in new opportunities?

With the continuous development of the domestic economy, the living standards of residents have also improved significantly. People are also good at spending on comfortable smart homes and high-quality living environments. At the same time, the introduction of national and industrial policies has also made finely decorated houses not only limited to the “living” function itself, but has made healthy and high-quality indoor air an important performance indicator. Nowadays, the attention and utilization rate of the fresh air system have become higher and higher, and the development momentum has increased significantly. No matter in the retail or engineering market, there are very good prospects.

①The online retail market is hot

 In recent years, many fresh air companies have seen the development trends and dividends of mobile Internet and social e-commerce, seized the outlet of live broadcast e-commerce, and combined online shopping with offline experience to promote the sales of fresh air systems in retail channels. . Today, the online market of fresh air systems has maintained a good growth as a whole. Consumers’ cognition of fresh air products is becoming more and more mature, and the market structure is optimized, from early low-price, small air volume products, to medium and high-quality air volume and products. From the data of various online platforms, the sales scale of the fresh air system online market continued to maintain a relatively rapid growth, and the brand concentration gradually increased.

②The hardcover room boosts the demand for fresh air

 In recent years, with the popularization and promotion of the real estate fine decoration policy, the fresh air system has become the new favorite of real estate supporting facilities, and has great market potential in the engineering market, high-end residences, renovation of old houses and other fields. On the other hand, the education market has also been opened, and the release of the new national standard will further promote the application of fresh air in commercial real estate, public places, hotels, office buildings and other fields.

 In general, the fresh air system is growing in terms of project support and market size. In addition, the current penetration rate of fresh air systems in China is still relatively low. With the continuous promotion of policies in the future, the fresh air industry will usher in new development.

③The market of 100 billion yuan, the fresh air industry is gaining momentum, and the dividends are significant Under the influence of repeated new coronary pneumonia, everyone’s attention to air quality and healthy and safe living environment has been continuously increased. Indoor healthy air has become particularly important. Consumers’ attention to health has increased unprecedentedly. In addition, consumers stay at home. The time is getting longer and longer, which has accelerated the changes in consumer demand for indoor temperature and humidity, fresh air, and sterilization, making the fresh air system accelerated into the consumer’s field of vision.

At present, the penetration rate in the domestic market is about 5%. Based on various factors, it is conservatively estimated that the fresh air market has a market of 100 billion yuan that needs to be developed urgently. According to data, first- and second-tier cities have strong demand for fresh air. In addition, it also includes new first-tier and new second-tier cities, such as Nanjing, Wuxi, Chengdu, Suzhou, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Nantong, Zhengzhou and other cities, and the demand is also increasing year by year.

Under the influence of multiple factors such as the “dual carbon” goal, the further acceleration of the urbanization process, the improvement of residents’ living standards, the promotion of policies, the rapid increase in the volume of the refined decoration market, and the improvement of health awareness caused by the epidemic, it can be foreseen in the next few years or even more than ten years. It will be a period of vigorous development of the new wind industry.

Natural selection, survival of the fittest. Tongyi Air Source Heat Pump will also diligently repair its “internal strength”, continue to promote the upgrade of brands, products and services, and better meet consumers’ personalized and The demand for quality, so that the air can better serve the public.


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