Good news丨Tongyi Air Energy won the outstanding brand in China’s heat pump industry!

On October 11th, the 2021 China Heat Pump Industry Annual Conference, the 10th International Air Source Heat Pump Industry Development Forum and Heat Pump Boost Carbon Neutrality Summit Forum opened in Wuhan! The conference focused on the theme of “heat pumps help carbon neutrality, and industry development will set sail again”, and in-depth interpretation of the current domestic and global heat pump industry development status, technology trends, policy standards, etc.

This industry grand ceremony, the elites gathered, the scale is unprecedentedly grand! As a leading brand in the air energy industry, Guangdong Tongyi Air Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the event.

At this conference, the Heat Pump Special Committee of China Energy Conservation Association held a special commendation ceremony for the “2021 China Heat Pump Industry Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Technology Progress Award and Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Contribution Award”. Tongyi Air was able to stand out from a group of outstanding companies and won the “Outstanding Brand in China’s Heat Pump Industry”. This is the seventh time that Tongyi Air has won the honor, fully demonstrating its charm and confidence as a brand benchmark image in the industry!

Not only that, with its strong brand strength and advanced technology, Tongyi Air has made great contributions to my country’s energy conservation and emission reduction cause, and has been fully affirmed by industry and industry experts. After review and approval by the third council of the heat pump professional committee of the China Energy Conservation Association, Tongyi Air Energy became the vice chairman unit of the heat pump professional committee of the China Energy Conservation Association.

As a leading brand in China’s air energy industry, Tongyi Air Energy adheres to the corporate spirit of “creating great undertakings with one heart and one mind, and benefiting others to pass on the future”, and has always been committed to the application, promotion and innovation of air thermal energy in comprehensive energy saving. Through innovative research and development, Tongyi has widely used air energy in domestic and commercial hot water and heating, as well as constant temperature greenhouses, refrigeration, drying, drying, high temperature heat pumps, industrial special heat pumps, constant temperature breeding, complementary energy and other fields, creating Huge social and economic benefits. According to relevant statistics, in recent years, through the application of Tongyi air energy heat pump units, the energy-saving effect produced is equivalent to saving 680,000 tons of standard coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 3 billion kilograms, and reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by 12 million kilograms. The society saves more than 10 billion energy costs, which is equivalent to planting 1 billion trees for the society.

In the future, Tongyi Air Energy will not forget its original intention, continue to adhere to the development policy of “quality casts brand, service makes the future”, and uses air energy and thermal energy technology to help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality as soon as possible!


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