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Advanced Features to Look for in a Heat Pump

A number of innovations are improving the performance of heat pumps. Unlike standard compressors that can only operate at full capacity, two-speed compressors allow heat pumps to operate close to the heating or cooling capacity needed at any particular outdoor temperature, saving energy by reducing on/off operation and compressor wear. Two-speed heat pumps also work well with zone control systems. Zone control systems, often found in larger homes, use automatic dampers to allow the heat pump to keep different rooms at different …
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How does air energy become the optimal solution for European energy?

The governments of European countries have made unprecedented efforts to promote the application of energy-saving heating equipment, which directly makes the sales of Chinese heating equipment represented by air source heat pumps hot in the European market. It is understood that China is currently the main supplier of air to water heat pumps in Europe, accounting for 60% of the market. In the face of the heat supply gap of the energy crisis and huge energy bills, European people are turning …
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Heat pump technology at the forefront of Europe’s engine energy transition

Boilers that burn petrifaction fuels may become obsolete in the near future. To begin, the Commission proposed a ban on the sale of new petrifaction fuel heating appliances by the year 2029 as part of the REPowerEU program. Furthermore, the year 2035 is marked as the end of the road for petrifaction fuel heating in the proposed Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). If verified, the European Union (EU) may soon be able to overcome one of the biggest obstacles …
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Tongyi Air Source Full DC Inverter floor heating air conditioner:-30℃ stable heating

A few days ago, the 2022 North China Clean Heating Summit Northeast Station was grandly held at the Longzhimeng Daduhui Hotel in Shenyang, Liaoning. This Northeast HVAC New Year feast, guided and planned by the Heat Pump Professional Committee of the China Energy Conservation Association, undertaken and implemented by the heat pump market & comfortable home all-media platform, and strategically supported by more than 40+ industry leading companies, pointed out the direction for the development of the Northeast clean heating …
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Good news丨Tongyi Air Energy won the outstanding brand in China’s heat pump industry!

On October 11th, the 2021 China Heat Pump Industry Annual Conference, the 10th International Air Source Heat Pump Industry Development Forum and Heat Pump Boost Carbon Neutrality Summit Forum opened in Wuhan! The conference focused on the theme of “heat pumps help carbon neutrality, and industry development will set sail again”, and in-depth interpretation of the current domestic and global heat pump industry development status, technology trends, policy standards, etc. This industry grand ceremony, the elites gathered, the scale is …
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Category:Hot water--hotel Selected model:TONGYI Commercial air source heat pump water heater Description:TONGYI Commercial heat pump water heater for TAJ MAHAL Hotel central hot water supply.